PENDA Studio Beijing / China:

No.13 Nafu Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

PENDA Studio Salzburg Land / Austria

Maier 39, 5452 Pfarrwerfen, Austria


We are happy to receive applications, as we are constantly searching for talented people to add to our teams in Austria and China. If you are interested in an opportunity to work with penda, please contact us via the email below. Please keep your email to max. 5mb and tell us if you would like to join our studio in Austria or China.

Send us an email with your portfolio/resume to:


Please note that we are a rather small team and that there is a limited amount of job openings or intern positions during a year. In case it did not work out this time, we wish you the best for your future in architecture!


If you are interested in publishing some of Penda's works or scheduling an interview or lecture, please send us an email to: