The logo should reflect penda's view on architecture. Founded by Chris Precht and Dayong Sun and operating from Vienna & Beijing, penda is influenced by the different origins of Western and Chinese architecture. by looking back at cultural traditions, penda seeks the fundamentals of each architectural development and tries to reinterpret them in one cross-cultural design-language.

e.g. The Hongkun Art Museum: By taking the atmosphere of a cave, the birthplace of Exhibiting Art as a reference, penda used arches (a direct architectural & structural expression of the cave) to create continues ribbon, which guides visitors to the exhibition spaces.

The arch was also chosen as an element to form the outline of the main letters for the logo.

A focus on Individuality:

Usually, business cards are an visual statement of .... More about the brand than about the individual. We wanted to create a card which leaves opportunity for a personal touch.

The member of penda can chose of a vast amount of different cards. Some cards are blank, some of them feature an image of our key projects. Team members might chose cards of a project, they were personally involved with, which also works as an 'icebreaker' for a dialog when exchanging cards. Sticking your personal information-ribbon on the card, can happen in many ways, from sticking it straight on the backside, to wrapping it diagonal around the card. There will be never to exact similar cards, which features a great a amount of individualism and variety, which we also want to express within our work.