The Ice Apartment is located in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, which is a small city of ice and snow and ready to bid to host the Winter Olympic Games with Beijing. The Ice Apartment lies on the top floor of The Snow House. The original top-floor loft structure is the biggest problem in this design. The top floors of all municipal buildings in the North are provided with sloping roofs; therefore, The Ice Apartment features its staggered and crossing inner space of locally up to4.5mor of less than0.4min height. To give full play to the spatial characteristics, the top surface, wall space and furniture are put up using architecture language of inclined planes. 

The entire space and furniture are finally integrated into an organic whole, looking to be a piece of natural ice cake. To give play to the unique subject of ice further, a type of glass material simulating the ice cakes are specially custom-made in the design, for which a hot-melt technology is used to allow the light-transmission curvature of glass to vary, with a uneven surface. This kind of material is used in the central wall space, behind which light sources of cold colors are concealed. The lights are turned on, the entire space is suffused with peaceful light blue light, just like a world of ice. 

The Ice Apartment is mainly used for the property owners to get together and have dinners. Such a space may make property owners shudder once they enter so that their sense organs may be switched to a party mode in a flash. People may stand or sit around the warm flames of central fireplace and chat about or share some issues. The sofas of10 inlength allow people to ease off in a variety of postures. People may push the French windows open and have a panoramic view of the snow scene in the distance. Mirrors fitted in the space can create an effect of stack-up and transformation of spaces. The scattered artistic magazines and albums of paintings can enrich the topics of a conversation. People may laugh heartily, entertain themselves, forget their skiing weariness, and ease off as much as one likes. Claret, cigar, movie and music are interwoven into a moving picture, and the space may take people on a journey of experiences in ice and snow, which is by far the most impressive.